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Finding the ideal Client

  • We will dive deep into finding your purpose as a photographer and developing YOUR style which, in turn, will help you find & attract the ideal clients. We'll share how to book local weddings and destinations weddings. Your brand is everything and we will touch on SEO, Social Media, Websites, Colors, Tones, and Fonts that say everything about you. 

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  • Balance is often times very difficult to maintain as a self-employed artist. Are you supposed to do the dishes and edit at the same time? Maintaining balance prevents burnout and helps keep your creative energy flowing. We will share about different ways to have a successful photography business while having balanced priorities. This is difficult to do but it 100% can be achieved.  


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Shooting, Editing, & The human connection

  •  We are going to show how we direct our clients to set them up for success and cultivate chemistry for moments on a shoot. Whimsy Directing, Posing, and how important it is to above all, just have fun. Connection is everything. We are going to share all of our tips and tricks to building a relationship, lighting, our gear, and our favorite locations.



  •  We'll cover our step-by-step workflow from booking to delivery. This will also show how the process has evolved from when we started as photographers to the present day. Along the way, we will highlight strategies you can implement in your editing, photo archiving, data retention, and image delivery to improve efficiency & your overall client relationship.  As a group, we will talk through everything we do to run our business and capture meaningful photographs. “Be where your feet are, because being in the right place at the right time gives you the opportunity to capture amazing moments."

Fear of Failure

  • We will address the changing social pressures, competition, and the importance of running your brand the way YOU want it to be. We've failed in more ways than we can count but, we both have made the decision to take those failures and learn from them. Changing our perspective on failure has helped us create and showcase authenticity in our work. Do we still have fears? Yes. But we have learned the "why" behind what we do and this has helped us conquer our fears so we can focus on the moments that matter.


  • When you think of yourself as a wedding photographer, why are you doing it? What shakes your soul as a human to get up everyday and supply the world with images? We are going to talk about how important this is and share our stories about discovering our purpose. If your purpose hits your soul, nothing will stop you from being the best photographer and business owner you can possibly be. Even in a world of full of epic content, insane moments, and amazing story telling. It all means nothing, unless you know your purpose.